Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Come dine with me

I'm still trying to get a quote for the car insurance, and it's proving a remarkable experience. I went through Compare the Meerkat and then through Go Compare. Both came up with quotes by the same companies....even though the quotes varied widely with the same insurance company quoting £50 more through Go Compare than they did through the Meerkats...even though they were supplied with the same information within a couple of minutes of each other. Just shows what nonsense it all is.

At the same time my motorbike tax is up for renewal...I've tried to do it on line, but the DVLA have decided I don't have insurance, so I can't, even though I've got the certificate in front of me. I tried to ring them but they're 'exceptionally busy so can't take your call right now' according to the message before they hang up on you. Yes, right, drinking tea, stuffing their faces full of biscuits whilst waiting for their fat index-linked government pensions...and thinking they might go on strike because they're going to have to contribute more. Feckers...not surprisingly I've battled with them before and I'll shout four letter words at them again. It's the only place I now of that it's more expensive to buy on line than do it in a shop. Just how bad can government services be?

So back in Sarf Lunndunn, and round the corner from my office in hyper hip Bermondsey, here's a traditional sight - Manzes pie and mash shop. It's charming and quaint and full of history...in fact so full of history I think there should be a preservation order on the idea as well as the shop itself. Most days, there's a queue out the door and round the corner...it's as popular now as it's always been...probably more. The menu is not extensive. It's meat pie and mash eels (stewed or jellied) and liquor. I've no idea what the meat is (they say beef), nor the liquor. I tried a meat pie once and it wasn't quite to for me....I'd love to love it...I'd love to love eels and mash too, but I just don't. In fact the thought of eels repulses me. But as an institution, this is an absolute treasure....