Wednesday 13 March 2013

Some Mothers Do Have 'em

Last night we dined with David Walliams.  

Well OK, he was on the table behind us.  And I can tell you four things as a result.  He's a very big man.  His wife is very pregnant.  He's very earnest.  He knows a lot of people....he was meeting and greeting constantly.

Sunday was Mothers Day, of course.

Mothers Day is a tricky one for us.

Since The Boy's Mother died, it's been a date The Boy and I have studiously avoided.

That's hard on Grandma in Cyprus because she doesn't get the bunch of flowers she deserves...although she does at least get a telephone call and in my heart a big thanks for having tolerated her youngest son all this time....

However, these days we can't avoid it all together.  The Cat gets tipped out of bed about three hours before she would like to deliver flowers and a little gift.  A breakfast of marmite toast was brought....although obviously, even though I was still in bed with The Cat's Mother, there wasn't even a crumb for me.  The Cat's Mother had in fact leapt out of bed earlier to make tea whilst I was still asleep so at least I had a hot drink.  The Boy remained steadfastly in bed, heals dug in on the basis that this was The Cat's event and she didn't want him treading on her toes. Mmmm. Methinks something was not quite right.

However, The Cat's Mother has a mother too, so along with the rest of the family we went on a trip...a  round trip across the Thames on the cable car, so that The Cat's Mother's Mother could see the Tate and Lyle factory that she used to work at...I think that was the story anyway.  The Boy and I spotted this...and really want to get one...we think it would be a lotta, lotta fun

We then disembarked for a pub lunch.  Very delicious....but in all honesty, I missed quite a bit because The Boy and I were being frantically distracted by the England vs Italy rugby game which was looking a bit iffy.

And here is the third photo in the series that I took on Saturday.  I have another one where the girl is staring daggers at me, but this one captured the moment