Friday, 15 March 2013

It's all a bit fishy

I'm delighted to see royalty following in our footsteps.  Well done Charles and Camilla...let me know if you want any more travel tips. Last year we headed off to Jordan, and prior to heading to Petra and The Dead Sea, we went to the fabulous Roman city of Jerash.  The middle east is such a fascinating place to travel to...human history, from its beginnings can be found there. It is a shame that so much of it is unstable, and there is an overwhelming feeling that western governments are anxious to keep it that way - well done William Hague for arming rebels here there and everywhere; Al Qaeda was armed by the west and look what happened there.  

Jerash is overwhelming - it is vast, and so much is still standing that you can almost feel and smell life as it used to be.  Walking down the high street you can still see the multi-levelled shops, now empty of course.  Much like our own high streets.  I posted about Jordan here, and the first three shots were taken in Jerash. And here are some more:

Cameron is becoming more and more of a Conservative as he goes on.  After God only knows how many hours and how much money was spent on the Leveson enquiry into press conduct, he has effectively dumped the whole report in the bin, told the Ed Miller Band to f*ck off, and put Cleggers back in his kennel.  There will be a street party the length of Fleet Street tonight, and no doubt Murdoch and his minions will be piling up the cash for David's pay off.  With Osborne unable to formulate any economic policy that in any way hurt his city paymasters, I'm anticipating a hot summer of riots.

In the meantime, I've been helping the economy by buying a new lens for my camera.  Admittedly it wasn't actually made in the UK, but you can't have everything.  I'll need a bit of practice to get the best out of it - a fisheye lens - but I quite like these...hoping to have some fun with it in the coming weeks!