Tuesday 12 March 2013

Get stuffed

They (whoever they are) say you shouldn't drink red wine with fish.  Utter nonsense of course, and well proven when last night I was eating my fish pie whilst seated watching something rubbish on TV.  Somehow I up-ended my glass of red wine and the entire contents (except for those that stained the carpet and the sofa) into my dinner plate.  It took long enough to clear up the mess that the pie had to be re-zapped in the microwave, but it was still delicious.

I must admit that I don't much enjoy eating dinner in front of the TV, and it is something we would never do in the past.  But somehow, the regime of our evening life has slackened and instead of sitting round the dining table putting the world to rights, we increasingly find ourselves setting up iPlayer before we dine.

Yesterday, 'Being Human' came to an end after five series...if you've watched it you'll know it's about a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire who share a house.  The Boy started watching it, and managed to entice The Cat and The Cat's Mother into watching it as well.  Whilst it's probably true that it sagged in the middle, by the time it reached its climaz yesterday it was on an absolute high.  Music, humour and horror all rolled into one delicious programme.  We shall miss it desperately.

As ever, the weekend was a busy one.

I'm not a great fan of Steve Coogan (I know I'm in the minority there)...in fact I have never found him funny. I've tried hard, but Alan Partridge just didn't do it for me.  But then about 18 months ago he teamed up with Rob Brydon for a gentle drive around the lake district visiting some of the best restaurants in the area.  The genius of the series was that you could never be quite sure what was scripted and what was 'for real'.  the chemistry between the two of them was superb, and we were all engrossed.  One of the chefs whose food they enjoyed was Simon Rogan, and he has opened a 'pop up' in London... if you can call anything that lasts for two years a pop up.  On Friday night we went along...there were seven of us all enjoying a ten course meal.  Scrummy and delicious.  But then it should be. There were some oddities...such as the oil which had been soaked in charcoal, and truthfully tasted as though it had just come out of the Jeep's engine. Anyway, they were very enthusiastic, we were very enthusiastic, and came away well stuffed.

This was a picture I took on Saturday....what was going on?