Monday, 10 January 2011

Dancing Queen

I like dancing. I love dancing. In fact there is no better 'Dad dancer' than me. Give me a birthday party, a wedding or New Year celebration and I'll be there. Much to the dismay of The Boy and The Cat. But you reach a certain age when the disapproving eyes of offspring don't matter.

But there's another sort of dancing I like. Ballet. Yep poofs in tights is good for me. And just after the New Year we went to see a ballet that I first saw nigh on twenty years ago. The Tales of Beatrix Potter. I don't remember being a Beatrix Potter fan when I was in short trousers, but I guess something must have persuaded me to go and see it all those years ago. And I loved it. Of course this is not high-brow stuff, it's good fun stuff. And not a spandex wrapped crotch to be seen anywhere. Instead, the most exquisite costumes which are perfect reproductions of the original Tales drawings. How they dance in them I have no idea. They must sweat like Pigling Bland. Anyway, my first (and probably only) recommendation for the New Year is that should you get the chance do go and see The Tales Of Beatrix Potter. Take your offspring if you must; we left ours at home.