Wednesday 12 January 2011

The Burke and Hare entry

Another year, another photo challenge from Stickyfingers...and I rise to the challenge with a cheat. Obviously I didn't take any of these pictures. But they are body parts, and the first three are mine.

Here's my arm, which suffered a 'compression fracture' when I came off my Vespa at the bottom of my road. That didn't stop me continuing on to work, and going out for lunch, before deciding that sweating, feeling nauseous and having a very painful arm was probably not right. I went skiing two days later.

And here are my eyes. The optician said I should see the doctor because all the blood vessels are wiggly. The doctor said opticians should stop interfering. I just want to know that my precious eyes are ok. Which they are.

And finally, a fabulous work of art. Life size 'Airfix' kit by Wayne Chisnell