Sunday 18 January 2009

I am a Goldfish

We all have senior moments..and one of the pleasures of the last thirteen years, is to see that we have them from the day we're born. Well almost, but it's certainly true that the boy does forget things, and gets in a panic about it.

And possibly they come a bit thick and faster as the years begin to take their toll. Generally I don't worry about it as there is always so much to think about that it's inevitable that some things just get lost in the brain cells.

This weekend though, has not been a good one on the memory front.

Last night, I made myself a cup of coffee...I really fancied it. Once made, I sat on the sofa, putting the coffee on the shelf within easy reach. An hour later remembered it. It was cold, so I heated it up in the microwave (sorry, bloke thing to do). I put it on the shelf by the sofa again. I found it this morning, completely untouched.

This evening, I thought I would check my work e-mails using something called ''. It's a clever piece of software that let's you actually look at your computer from anywhere...they've got a dreadful ad running on the TV at the moment. Anyway, when I logged on, it told me my work computer wasn't on. Panic immediately set in, because I knew I'd checked them on Friday night. I had no choiice but to drive to the office to see whether or not we'd been burgled (again) or perhaps the place had burnt down. The office is about three-quarters of an hour away. So off I set at 9.30. I got within a mile of my destination, when it suddenly dawned on me, that I had turned my work computer off when I left on Friday, and had been able to check my e-mails by directly logging on to the mail account from the laptop at home. Doh! Double doh!

I haven't yet fessed up to the boy as such things tend to damage my hero status.

Clearly the daily dose of Ginko Biloba is not doing its job.

Anyway, just going to make a cup of coffee now.


  1. You are in very good company, I do those sort of things all the time !

  2. So do I. I am always putting my tea in the microwave, and as you know, I once left the pram on the pavement and drove off.

    Glad to hear the office wasn't burgled!

  3. Apparently it's when you start forgetting things like how to drive or that you put your pants on BEFORE your trousers that you need to start worrying.

    Anything less that this usually just means that you are overdoing it or over-anxious about something.

  4. And your name. Let's not forget your name. What is it, by the way?

  5. It's possible that you are pregnant, forgetfulness is one of the first signs you know. Write 'pregnancy test' on the back of your hand and go down to the local pharmacy to buy one, better to know now. Go on, I dare you MH

  6. AG - what you mean you go and check to see if my office has been burgled?

    NVG - better than putting your pram in the microwave

    Laura - so my Superman impression is might be a problem

    Rosie - I know where, it's just why that's the problem

    Dotterel - erm, erm

  7. whoa! what a day. hope all is better now.
    I use to use the "pregnant' excuse at work for my constant forgetfulness. but after the kids were born and i was back to "normal"...there was nothing left to blame it on...i now blamed it all on my husband [poor guy].
    have a great week!

  8. Aren't those kind of memory lapses normal? I mean I do that sort of thing all the time. Why, just yesterday I ... eh ... eh ... forgot something - just can't remember what it was...


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