Friday 23 January 2009

Muddle Aged (2)

Well I've been goaded into this, so I take no responsibility whatsoever....

You know you're (a) middle-aged (woman) when:

You wear your daughter's mini-skirts and think you look like her

Your make-up bag is twice the size it used to be, but it gets used twice as quickly

You drive a beige car called Penny, but tell everyone how sporty it is

You want to mother the boys in the latest boy band

You think the boys in the latest boy band will fancy you

You stop waiting for 'the one'

You wear a one piece swimsuit because you think you should, not because it's the height of fashion

You can look at a middle-aged man and know that you're better than him, but know you shouldn't tell him


  1. Or wear clothes for their comfort-factor rather than their looks ;-)

  2. ...You suddenly have flshbacks to your life sans children when your sporty car was completely clean inside and out and not filled up with sweet wrappers, toys, books, pens, pencils, and flecked with mud (inside and out)....

  3. and you had a memory and could spell "flashbacks" properly...

  4. I agree about the bit re: mothering the boy bands. Yesterday I was with four MA history students. They looked like children to me- were probably about twenty two. Sigh

  5. I followed the link on Jo's blog, and love your posts about middle/muddle age. You might add - when you prefer elastic waistbands. :-)

  6. AG...tell, tell, tell, please
    Rosie...yes :-(
    HT - but my car's always been like that....
    LJ - and policemen? "Yes I'm sure you do"!!
    Elastic waistbands...more like elastic waist in my case..

  7. I was at a charity event up north a little while ago. There was a fund raising egg and spoon race. 2 girls about 15 came over to me and said, "Where do you, like, go and, you know, get that thing and stuff"? I asked her to repeat it and got a less informative version. I said, "Do you want a go in the egg and spoon?" She said (exasperated) "Yeah".
    Forget `middle aged`, I felt bloody old I can tell you.


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