Monday, 2 September 2013

Does he take sugar?

I never thought I would have cause to thank Tony Blair, but the events of the last few days have given me cause to thank him enormously.  After all it was his duplicity, manoeuvring and down right lies that had persuaded MPs to vote for war with Iraq; now his antics are on public display, it caused MPs to think twice about bombing Syria back to the dark ages.  So thanks Tony!  Everyone a winner.

Aren't mobile phones clever these days?

I took this picture...once upon a time it would taken bags of skill and expertise...this took me but a moment to do.  Is that dumbing down?

You may have noticed in the Brighton post a picture of the women's cricket match which just looks like a bunch of ants on heat.  It's not a video, technically it's not even a gif (whatever that is)'s just a series of stills pulled together like an old movie film.  I took some more...on the phone it plays at proper speed, but I think it's quite fun as it appears here

Anyway, sometimes I use it to make phone calls

There's been some debate in the last week or so about whether The Paralympics have had any effect on attitudes to disabled.  One of the little stories that went around last year was about the young child who turned to his mother on seeing a the pirate Long John Silver and said he must be an athlete.  Who knows whether it was true or not?  It would be naive to think that attitudes have suddenly changed, but you would hope there would have been a measurable shift in attitudes.  When we were in Brighton, there were a couple of occasions when UP, who is still in plaster from his fall a couple of months ago, was being pushed around in a wheel chair.  Sure enough at Brighton Pavilion, the staff ignored him when asked whether there was a wheelchair route, preferring to speak to The Boy who was doing the pushing...."We don't have a lift, would he be able to go up the stairs with your help?"   That wasn't the only occasion and I guess must mean that attitudes are so entrenched that people with a disability still have a long fight to stop prejudice.