Tuesday, 3 September 2013


"I take you to things where we are the youngest and you take me to things where we are the oldest"  said The Cat's Mother as we sat in a hyper-trendy pop up bar and eatery on the side of the River Lee in Hackney Wick on Friday night.  Imagine just how awful was the ritual humiliation of The Boy who had been dragged there kicking and screaming after a late afternoon at the cinema watching Matt Damon in Elysium.

It's a load of old hocum-pocum nonsense, but quite fun, even if The Cat's Mother spent most of the time with her face hidden behind her hands.  Certainly not up to the standards of District 9 which was also created by Neil Blomkamp on a much smaller budget plus some gratuitous interspecies prostitution which hasn't reappeared in the new film.  Fortunately.

Anyway, the bar was very lovely.  I was very comfortable and had a lovely meal of ribs.  I'd have stayed all night, but probably rightly The Cat's Mother insisted we left after one drink.

I had coffee with a journalist who writes for the FT, Wallpaper and Monocle as well as others today, and she tells me that Hackney Wick is so last year, and the really fashionable hotspot is Peckham.  Obviously she knows not what she's talking about, even if the high street there is filling up with trendy bars, cafes and odds & sods shops.  She puts my liking of 'pioneering districts' down to having spent too long in Warwickshire and Sussex in my 20's.  She may be right on that particular point.

I rather like this picture of a Praying Mantis who looks as though he is cycling home...I think it comes from a new book by the woman-abuser Saatchi.  But don't quote me.