Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Brighton passengers are fatter and slower on their feet 60 years on

I bought, possibly for the first time in my life, some jelly babies the other day.  In fact I bought a bag of liquorice allsorts at the same time....they lasted all of five minutes as I find them irresistible, yet invariably feel quite sick to my boots afterwards.  It is the power of the promotion...buying two bags rewarded me with 5p a litre discount.  I didn't do the maths.  I didn't need to.  If I'd been filling up the Jeep, I'd have been quids in - it takes the entire output of oil from Saudi Arabia between Christmas and Easter everytime I fill up.  But in this case I was filling the motorbike which has a tank smaller than a gnats bladder.  Anyway, I've been enjoying the jelly babies, but I have noticed that they seem to reflect the growing size of the population.  They are fat babies.  In fact they're obese, and the local health authority would no doubt take them away from their parents and having accused them of neglect.

I mentioned in the last post that we'd popped in to see the women's cricket.  England vs Australia.  It was quite surprising how many people were there.  Not full.  But full enough.  And some of the audience was quite passionate.  It would have been nice to have read a match report in the papers the next day.  But no, there was nothing.  Not surprising really, as most newspaper sports editors remain of the 'fat, middle-aged, white, football-loving variety'  It's a shame really, because there's so much sport of one sort or another that it would be good to read about it....and perhaps even go and watch it.

Ready, steady go.  Camergoon is fast catching up the Warmonger Blair in numbers of conflicts he's got us involved in.  I laughed until I fell off my perch this morning when The Times front page headline blasted out that WB now supported intervention in Syria.  Really??? The man who is the most trigger-happy cowboy east of Texas Boy Bush.  If it was down to him, we'd already be across the borders of Persia, keeping those damned rag-heads in their place.  I've plenty of opinions about what's going on in the Middle East and why, but one thing I'm totally clear about is the need for Western powers to keep their noses out.  History, common decency and common sense clearly demonstrate that the more the West interferes militarily, the worse the situation becomes in the long run.

Egypt is a mess, but fortunately the West is so confused as to who is the least worst bad guy, that it is managing not to form any policy whatsoever.  And long may it continue

Once upon I used to do the daily commute from Brighton to London.  Really it was a pretty stupid thing to do.  It was a long, expensive journey, spoilt my social life (last train at 11) and exhausted me.  These days, if I do the trip, it's an enjoyable experience.  Sixty years ago, the BBC filmed the journey from London to may well have seen that film, it's quite famous, quite fun, and very speeded up - if only we could all do the journey in four minutes.  They filmed it again in 1983 and again now.  The article and video have been posted on the BBC News website, and well worth four minutes of your time.  Perhaps you can confirm that my headline, taken from the article is accurate.  Click here