Friday 1 March 2013

Wood you?

I saw this on my ride to work was great to be back on the cycle after a bit of a break because of the weather, skiing and general apathy....

Had to pop into one of the shops on Bermondsey Street yesterday, and whilst browsing spotted a wooden item (for reasons to be explained sometime in the future, I can't say what) and asked the shop owner about it.

"It's Amazonian wood" he proudly declared.
My jaw dropped.
"Is that a good thing?" I replied
"Well it's only the roots"
"I think it's recycled"
"It's very lovely isn't it?"
He stuttered and blubbered.

I was horrified, turned on my heal and left...surely EVERYONE knows that the destruction of the Amazon is wreaking havoc.  This may have been a legitimate item, but there was not certificate, no authentication so I doubt it....really disappointing.  Next they'll be trying to sell me ivory.....

P.S. I've updated yesterday's post so you can now see OC staring down OD