Sunday 24 February 2013

There's news, and then there's important stuff

A lot can happen in a week.

We have returned to find that the UK has been downgraded to the same credit level rating as those third-world outfits the US and France.  As the downgrade has been made by the same people that gave the mortgage bonds which ultimately caused the financial crisis a triple A rating in the first place, I, quite frankly, don't give a hoot.

I was disappointed to have missed the news that trial by jury is a nonsense as the one judging Vicky Price wanted to know if they could use information given as evidence neither by the prosecution or the defence to come to their decision.

Whilst we were away I had some great news about George,  "I went to see him yesterday and he is now aware of stuff going on around him but he can't talk and only opens his eyes a little bit. That is pretty big progress though.  They think he will be fine judging by the brain scan. He is having a 4 hour hip operation today. That's a big deal too."

After that there was a second piece of good news about George, "Op went well - later and longer than planned but he's back in ICU.  Apparently facial op is planned for tomorrow - waiting to speak to doctors about that. at least by tomorrow there shouldn't be any more surgery"

So I'm just waiting for an update about that.