Tuesday, 18 December 2012

We should be told

Did anyone else see The Killing?  Those Nordics are an odd bunch, but they do make great TV.  I was so completely engrossed that the only time I noticed there were sub-titles was when I looked away from the screen and thought I'd gone deaf.

Apart from a few absurdities (it never does to think too much about these things) it was a great programme, and it's just a shame we've only discovered it in the third and final series.

I've been so all over the place that I've forgotten what I've written up, and what I haven't.  If you like Steven Sondheim, go and see Merrily we roll along, which is both quite sad and poignant, and fun at the same time.

If you're employed, you may like to know that the notice that your employer has to give you for redundancy has been reduced from 90 to 45 days.  According to the Government this is something that workers will be pleased about.  Yep we all want to rush into being made unemployed when there are no jobs around.

I had to miss one of the Olympic get togethers because it clashed with the last ever School Carol Concert that we would attend.  I love a good Carol Concert, and love to join in.  Once before at a different one, my girlfriend got slapped round the head by a government minister for joining in...these days, that would be front page headlines, and the man would be in court, resigned and shamed.  This time, UP told me off for joining in, but that may have been because I was doing 'yeehas' as the choir did what seemed to be a country and western version of the holly and the ivy...

...The Boy was in disgrace.  It had been the rugby team dinner the night before, and true to tradition, 40 or so of them streaked up the high road.  The Deputy Head Master was not amused, the rugby trip to Wales was cancelled, and all were threatened with losing their School Colours (award).  And there we have it...a clash between tradition and the modern world.  I think the school vastly over-reacted, I think the boys should have adapted their tradition so they streaked inside the school rather than outside.  And I giggled behind my hands.

I woke up to a Facebook message this morning to find that one of my oldest friends had died...cancer got her.  When I say she was one of my oldest friends, I had known her for thirty years, but hadn't spoken for a long time after a misunderstanding.  Much as I had tried to reconnect with her, it hadn't happened, but she had remained one of the people that I had retained deep feelings for.  So two lessons learned...be careful with your friendships for they are precious, and secondly we all grow up expecting that we and our friends will live to a ripe old age...and many won't.  If only I'd been told both those things when I was young and full of fire.