Thursday, 20 December 2012

Oh no...the office party...

Do you bank with Lloyds TSB?  Have you had one of these?  It's the second one I've had in the space of a fortnight...and I've had plenty before.  To save you the bother of reading it, I'll just say that it's a letter that explains they've had trouble reaching me, and would I get in touch.  They're easy to ignore, and easy to chuck in the bin.

But for me they're quite important.  Because they mark the bank out as liars.  When I've questioned why they have not been able to get hold of me, they've not been able to explain.  In fact it's fair to say, they're just about the only organisation that can't get hold of me.  And I know exactly who I've had missed calls phones are wonderful data recorders.

So there are only two possible answers.  Either the bank are ringing the wrong number which makes them stupid, because they have been given the right number plenty of times before, or they're lying and they have not tried to contact me and they're just trying to make me pay for their tele-marketing activity.  What do you think?

So yesterday we were all sat around in the office with most of our clothes removed.  

It was the day of the office party.

Actually the two events are unrelated.  As these things do, the heating thermostat had chosen to break just before Christmas, with the result that we felt the heat.  It wasn't until the temperature reached 26 degrees and sweat was dripping off our foreheads that we realised something was wrong.  The only solution was to switch the whole thing off.

Fortunately, Christmas lunch started shortly afterwards, so we were able to make merry elsewhere....and problems like that can wait until the New Year before they get sorted