Wednesday 19 December 2012

It's OK to hit a woman (I'm joking)

There is triumph in the house, which is better than a Triumph in the house (that's a car joke).

The Boy was awarded 'colours' for his part in The Edinburgh award well deserved.  The Cat has passed her driving test...first time -she will be driving The Cat's Mother's Yaris, we don't own a Triumph.
Last night The Opening Ceremony was voted "Most inspiring TV moment ever"...which is a relief because it could have been Anna Friel's lesbian kiss in Brookside.  Here's the article.

I'm reprising my performance in my costume at the OOC with some others including The Pandemonium Drummers tomorrow evening at St Pancras between 7 and 9 pm.  If you're passing, do give us a wave...and chuck some money at us as we're raising money for the Mo Farah foundation and NUPAC for kids who have been abused.

Last night I met up with a group of fellow OOC performers - I hadn't been able to go to the event organised by our small group, so this one was full of people I hardly knew or recognised.  That didn't stop us all having lots to say to each other...a common bond has been formed..I feel we will be able to do this far into the future...what a wonderful thing that is.  I also discovered that one of the performers was the Falkland Islands Harbour Master, so I guess the Argentinians missed an invasion opportunity this summer.

The other night we were watching the BBC's Top 50 Olympic moments.  It was full of wonderful moments, and some rather sorry commentary from celebs including Jimmy Carr.  At the point the Beeb showed Nicola Adams who won Boxing Gold - the first woman to do so, Jimmy popped up and said it reminded him that "Sometimes it's OK to hit a woman".  It's a sign of the times that he then paused and added..."I'm joking".  Well obviously he was wouldn't have been funny if he was being serious.  Should he have joked about it...well in my mind absolutely yes, because the joke itself reinforces that it's wrong to hit a woman (or anyone come to that).  I laughed, as did The Cat's Mother.  By unfortunate coincidence as I rolled over in my sleep last night, arms flailing around I managed to clobber The Cat's Mother in the face.

Complete accident. Honest. Not funny.