Sunday, 3 July 2011

Birthday bash

It doesn't come as a great surprise that the first hint of corruption at the Olympics comes out of its involvement with football. there are all sorts of allegations flying around about the West Ham bid for the stadium, and all I will say is that it is most peculiar that someone at the organisation with responsibility for disposing of the stadium appears to have accepted payments from the business that has won the bid. Conflict of interest are the words that spring to mind.

My last picture for June is somewhat belated...but then I always knew that on the 30th we would be pretty busy, as would the days afterwards. Over the moth I've taken over 300 pictures...which I'm quite pleased with, as there are a lot of things I find interesting around me. On Thursday we took a trip on the DLR to Greenwhich through the east end of London, which affords some fascinating views, and from there we took a the boat along the Thames to London Bridge...the river is really the best way to see the metropolis. We walked down to Borough Market browsing amongst the colours, the smells and the noise of the best market I know before stopping for some oysters. From there we strolled along the riverside to Tate Modern, being further refreshed in the members room (which has spectacular views across the Thames to St Pauls). From there we crossed the wobbly bridge and went up to Bond Street to look in a couple of galleries. Finally we took a cab to my favourite restaurant - Formans - where we had a small gathering of friends.

A somewhat more muted 50th celebration than some that I've been to...marquees in gardens, theatre events...but it suited me. I've never been one to make a big fuss about these things.

Choosing a photo is difficult, but really could it be anything other than the three people who matter most to me?