Monday 4 July 2011

Monday montage

There was a definite bird theme going on with my birthday...a robin on my card from The Cat's Mother, an 'Angry Bird' soft toy (supposedly I'm addicted), a squirrel table (it's supposed to be a bird table, but only the squirrels have worked out how to use it) and finally a pair of Roa birds. If you follow my postings you'll know I've eulogised over Roa, the street artist whose work I adore, so you can believe my joy at receiving two of his pictures as a he's a street artist you won't be surprised to be told that these are drawn on old hanging files...we're working out how to frame them!

I missed First Friday photos simply because I didn't have the energy, but I'm pleased with a lot of the pictures I've taken this month, so here's a selection:


Me and him

Olympic stadium

Outside Bridget Jones' flat



Evening shadows in Brighton

The wobbly bridge

Us at Elton John

The West Pier

Brighton Lanes

Sunset in the flat

The West Pier

The West Pier

Regency splendor


Street art

Street art

Street art

A shop dedicated to Alice in Wonderland

Brick Lane

Not how I remember Sesame Street

Inter-faith love

Words are everything


Street art

Street art

Street art

Street art


Did I post this before?

It's a Banksy


Street art

Derelict London

Look closely...

It's a bridge...

By the canal

On the canal