Friday, 1 July 2011

gathering storm clouds

I had an unexpected trip back to the office on Wednesday evening when i forgot to set the phone system, but that afforded me the opportunity of riding my motorbike in a more relaxed way than usual and it was great...really feeling the freedom of the road. I took a slight detour through Canary Wharf just as the sun was setting and seized the chance to take this picture. Of course, the towering blocks of the banks' offices say a lot about their wealth and power. It's a constant theme of mine that they should be stripped of both as I can't help but feel that they give immense wealth to their shareholders and staff at the rest of society...and that may be Government reforms of the banking system should look more at how they should contribute to the greater well-being of society, rather than simple regulatory and fiscal matters. I love the way the clouds are gathering behind the skyscrapers...let's hope this is a harbinger of change.