Wednesday 13 October 2010

It's all in the timing

Oh dear, I've evidently titled a blog post 'It's all in the timing' before. I only know because Blogger told me. I wonder what it was about? Fortunately I read in the paper that they've developed a pill to stop you forgetting things. I may need an over-dose.

Apologies to Tara...I can't do your Photogallery this week...I simply can't think of a favourite photo...there are just too many for me to choose. Inspite of the politicians' claims, choice is not always a good thing!

The carpet shop rang today. "Mr Nota Bene, the bank has returned your cheque" They said. I turned a very tomato red colour, assuming that my flakiness meant that I'd paid with the wrong account. Or may be just didn't have the money in the first place. "They say your signature has changed so won't accept it". On the one hand, much relief. On the other instant annoyance. I'm not thirteen. My signature hasn't changed in thirty years. I apologised to the shop and transfered the money by internet banking. Then rang the bank. No apology from them. Merely a "You probably were rushing when you wrote the cheque". I assured her that when writing a cheque for several thousand pounds I NEVER rush. They suggested I go into the bank and re-signed the banking mandate. I suggested that if there had been a query they should have rung me as they hold a work number, a mobile number and a home number. And from there the conversation spiralled downwards. At some stage the supervisor came on the phone because I'd reduced the Customer Advisor at the UK's most complained about bank to tears. I may have been a little more conciliatory if I'd waited half an hour by which time I would have seen on the BBC that the bank is making 4,500 people redundant...most probably including the person I was speaking with. It's all in the timing.

And talking of timing. The Cat's Mother and I are off abroad next week. We fly on Sunday first to see Grandma in Cyprus and from there onto Beirut. That'll be the place that Sky News says, "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has begun a visit to Lebanon that heightens already mounting tensions in the country." He'll be in Beirut. Hopefully staying at his embassy and not the same hotel as us.

I hope we get an armed guard.