Friday 15 October 2010


"So you've taken up residence then?" said The Cat's Mother's Mother.

Of course mother-in-laws are always terrifying, even when I usually go round feeling pretty grown up.

So no wonder I could only mumble into my boots in reply.

Anyway, I should be demob happy as we're away for a week...but before then I have to:

1. Finish organising the OBs Dinner tonight
2. Attend the OBs Dinner tonight
3. Stay sober at the OBs Dinner tonight
4. Do a day's work at the office...there's a mountain to be done. No doubt lots that I should have done won't get done, and I'll be found out in my absence
5. Make sure The Boy is properly packed...that means more than one pair of pants for the week
6. Get up at 2.30 a.m. to take The Boy and The Cat to school to joing their Berlin/Prague trip. The Cat's Mother will drive to the school. Unless we both decides to call them a taxi...
7. Write my cheerio blog entry. This one. I don't know why
8. Chase the Brighton cleaners who may or may not have been...who knows...
9. Chase a delivery that we need today
10. Do my own packing. Remembering the snorkel mask so The Cat's Mother can see the fish at Konnos Bay

11. Relax....