Sunday 10 October 2010

Dinner time

The fabulously named Misty Weaver has sent me a press release about baby sign language. Better than that she has offered to write a blog post for me on the subject.

And best of all, she says, "Alternatively, if you prefer another topic just let me know and I can write anything of your choice. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a wonderful day!!!"

Suggestions on a postcard please

Nobody has ever accused me of being organised. Quite the contrary in fact. Indeed my desk is a testament to that saying...the one about tidy desk, tidy fact my life has been shambolic enough that last year I actually had to pay someone to open my post. I don't mean a few letters for the week before...I mean two or three or four years worth of envelopes which had carefully been stuffed in cardboard boxes. There was half a dozen of them, and I'd just never quite got round to doing it. actually truth be told I'd just been terrified of opening them in case I found anything untoward. Naturally, by not opening them I assumed any problems would go away. And if I ever get to be a celebrity, you can rest assured I won't be one of those Z listers who would go to the opening of an envelope... I guess it was hardly surprising then that The Cat's Mother's jaw dropped to the ground when several months ago I volunteered (was volunteered) to organise this year's Old Boys (and Girls) Dinner. mmm I knew it was a risk (my failure will lead to the abject humiliation of The Boy as he gets ribbed by his friends) but I have been known to be quite adventurous.

The Cat's Mother is the most organised person in the wrold. She keeps every receipt. She goes through every bank statement every month. She goes through every credit card bill every month. Everything has its place. It's admirable. She even had an accountancy session when we were on holiday in Iceland. I have photo evidence to prove it.

I was very glad/pleased/relieved when she offered to help me sort out the ticket invitations which had variously arrived by e-mail, website booking, Facebook, by letter, on a post it note, on the booking form, and on a card. There were 146 of them. I've booked 135 with the caterer. I have some of the names in full, some just a surname, some a christian name, some just initials, one "I'll bring my sister", some who aren't on the database at all, and the odd reverend and cannon. We've even got Michael Jackson and Gordon Brown.

We've got to put them all into tables of ten; some have booked as groups of 12. Or 14.

Saturday, literally all of Saturday was taken up sorting this out...oh and I must order the wine yet. It's on Friday so I've got ages to go....I hope I don't get my just deserts.