Friday 2 July 2010

Phirst Phriday Fotos

I take a lot of photos. In fact I take far too many. And I'm the butt of many a joke for this habit. Like many digital photos they get stored on a hard drive, and rarely, if ever, get looked at again. So I thought I might try just posting up a few of my favourites from the previous month and see how it goes. I might forget next month, it may never happen again...but we'll see!

The boy took this picture of me at Kings of Leon in Hyde Park...I rather like its distorted angles...I'm not that big. Really. No, really.

On the morning of the fateful game against Germany, we ate boiled eggs decorated with stickers of the players faces. Ashley Cole's egg got smashed to pieces by The Cat.

A picture of a picture from The Sunday Times. I'm an Observer man myself, but life changes. This the caption says...a clock in a school in Detroit... It has a very Dali-esque feel to it.

A chandelier of builders lights from the pop up restaurant we went to

This is the view from near my office...I just liked the weird light

Sometimes I make things. I made this from the remaindered kitchen work top and some stone balls from a garden centre. I'm pretty pleased with it!

This is the indulgent look The Cat gives The Boy on a regular's lovely to see

And to could call this a family photo