Tuesday 6 July 2010

Sell me a child?

I've always been quite envious of the blogger mummies who get invited on press trips to all sorts of fabulous places. Invariably they come back and write up something fabulous...well you would wouldn't you? Me, I get all sorts of press releases which are usually completely wrongly targeted.

I once got invited to the launch of moist toilet paper. Really???? Why would I go to that???

And the reason for this is that Don't Panic RTFM is listed on many of the media listings under parenting blogs. Indeed it is, but most parenting blogs are written by lovely mummies who have lovely cuddly bundles of joy, usually in nappies, but certainly no more than at primary school. The problem with PRs is that they never read the publications they send their missives to. No wonder they have such bad reputations...

But yesterday I got an invite to an aquarium in Boulogne. Marvelous. And I can bring a child...I checked their web site, and children are between 3 and 12. The boy is 15...and a big, grown-up fifteen at that. He likes fish. A lot. But mostly in batter, and sometimes with a creamy sauce but never with a watercress dressing.

I quite like aquariums so I rather fancy going, so I think I need to rent a child. I don't mind what sort. Just so long as they don't get in the way of my viewing of the fish. You can have them back at the end of the day.