Friday 16 July 2010

Keeping your head down

The Boy's been away for nearly a week now, yet miraculously we're still finding items of clothing to be washed. It's completely inexplicable really...underwear, socks, shirts miraculaously appear from nowhere. We're mystified. But no more mystified than when he's at home, and produces twice as much washing as anyone else. A washing basket that's emptied one day is full the next. We daren't go a day without putting the washing machine on for fear of falling so far behind that we'll never catch up. He denies wearing more than one set of clothes a day, but there's no denying it multiplies once he takes it off. It was something I noticed when it was just The Boy and I, but now The Cats Mum (who is invariably master of the washing - yes, sorry stereotypes do still apply) is as mystified as on a postcard, please!

It's been a struggle getting up and out this week. Since he was quite young, The Boy has been an Organic Alarm Clock...always first up, his movements are sufficient to get the rest of the house on the move. But in his absence, I've been unable to get to the office before 9.15...and one day it was 10 before I put my head round the door. The alarm still goes off at the same time, but I can let it ring until it stops without feeling the need to lift my head off the pillow, and when the radio goes, I can never resist staying for just one more song. Again and again and again. The Cat also seems to struggle....she always enjoys her bed, but yesterday she excelled and spent the entire day in her pyjamas...that's the luxury of youth on school holidays I guess.

It'll be a couple of weeks before The Boy is properly back in residence and in a week's time everyone but me will be away on holiday. I would be jealous, but I expect I'll still be asleep in bed....