Tuesday 13 July 2010


We're not great TV watchers...in fact the Cats Mum and I have probably managed a couple of hours all year...and an hour of that was Top Gear last week. The Cat and The Boy equally are rarely to be seen glued to the gogglebox. That's not to say screen based entertainment isn't their thing. It most certainly is...the BBC's iplayer is frequently used on the computer for time-shifted viewing. And we joke about the 'boxed sets' of series that have to be purchased for late night school holiday viewing...Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes were firm favourites earlier this year. Not to mention The Boy's X-Box, and The Cat's Gameboy.

I used to quite enjoy Spooks...although never managing to see an entire series through (so invariably not knowing what on earth is going on). Last year they filmed an episode in our local cafe...I wished I'd watched it when it was broadcast, but managed to miss it. And yesterday, they were filming an episode for Series 9. There's something about 'Lights, Camera, Action'...and no doubt these are the only bits of the series I shall actually see!

This was almost as much fun as when Madonna filmed outside our last office a couple of years ago...she is indeed wearing glasses (must be human like the rest of us):

But then we didn't have to be warned about gunfire: