Monday 19 July 2010

Unwelcome visitors

We had to shut all the windows in the office today. And that wasn't much fun as the sun shines inthrough the glass walls on three sides and turns our space into an oven. Nasty. But the alternative was to be overwhelmed by flying ants. When I went out to forage for food at lunchtime, there were flying ants everywhere. It was difficult to walk and talk without swallowing them, and that's just not nice. Bermondsey street was alive with these wretched creepies. And when I returned to the office they were threatening to make themselves unwelcome visitors at my desk. I insist on appointments. So the windows were shut and I perspired. It's good for weight loss.

We had them in Buckhurst Hill once...they came up through the floor boards and sat themselves on the sofa. I didn't offer them tea, just a doss and a half of fly killer. They never came back, but the Dyson took a long time to pick them up.

The Boy on the other hand has returned and a most welcome return it was. On the other hand, his wallet and £40 spending money has has not. Lost somewhere on exercises on Salisbury Plain. It's an expensive lesson for which he deserved to be firmly told off; except I', likely to do the same thing so I'd hate the phrase 'hoisted by your own petard' to come into play. He's off at 5.00am to go and visit his German Exchange friend, so I'll get to see sunrise. Marvellous.

Another welcome return was Penn and Teller, the illusionists/magicians who used to dominate our small screens 15 or 20 years ago. We saw them in Hammersmith and very good they were. Hardly aged at all. It was slightly easier to see how they did their tricks this time round in Hammersmith, but still a lot of fun.

Not so welcome was Roxy Music on Jonathan Ross on friday. We went off JR some years ago, but it was his last show, so it had to be seen. Poor old Mr Ferry seems to have lost his singing ability, which is a real shame. Still it'll save me a few quid on concert tickets.

At the start of last week, we had visitors. From the States. They were lovely, and we treated them to Oliver! After our weekend in Spain I struggled to stay awake, but I was surprised to realise that even after a gap of 35 years, I knew all the words to all the songs.....