Monday 9 November 2009


There are some things I feel I can share with you. And some things I just can't. Today I shall share with you that there is enough dust spread around the Brighton flat to make a whole new Kalahari desert. It would be a very dark desert as the dust is black, but it would be a desert. Or perhaps I could rent the flat as a lunar landscape for the next 'fake moon landing'. Conspiracy theorists, please gather here.

The reason for the dust is that since the early part of the year, we have been rennovating and decorating. The builders claim to have taken out 60 bags of rubble. And should be admired for that given that this is a fourth floor flat. With no lift. I had planned to wait until the new carpet is laid before I shared this with you. But I'm an impatient man. So the carpet is not yet ordered, let alone down, but I feel you should see the efforts of my wallet.

The two things I am most pleasedest with are the kitchen and the stairwell. I adore the stairwell now and intend to sit there through the long lonely evenings of winter. I will sit there and stroke the flock of the wallpaper.

The kitchen is full of new gadgets and I've reached a stage where I can no longer work out how to use new gadgets. Even with the instruction book. So I am hoping the boy will develop a passionate interest in cooking. I do know that the hob is an induction hob. I didn't know when I bought it that I had to have iron saucepans for an induction hob to work. So the aluminium ones I bought six months ago will have to find a new home. I have brought out some of the things that have been hidden in the back of a cupboard for 20 years. So welcome back Maggie and Ronnie the teapots.

I may one day share with you the trauma of getting to here, but not now.


  1. Induction hobs are fab - we have one in Berkshire. I have known many people caught out by the 'won't work with normal saucepans' thing. But boiling water for pasta in 30 seconds? Worth it.

    Loving the pink radiator.

  2. That dustbin (is it a dustbin?) looks pretty cool.

  3. "I will sit there and stroke the flock of the wallpaper."

    You old romantic, you.

  4. I adore the stairwell now and intend to sit there through the long lonely evenings...and stroke the flock of the wallpaper.

    Nope. Don't believe you're that sad. You'll soon be dining with that game (old boy) filly... There are better things to stroke.

  5. That is a very elegant stairwell. I also love that you have used so much colour!

  6. Can't blame you for wanting to stroke the flock he he!


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