Tuesday 3 November 2009

Dinner time

The night before we headed off to Cyprus was the annual Old Boys Dinner. Of course these days, as there are girls at the school its a mixed evening. But still referred to as the Old Boys Dinner. Which probably doesn't go down too well with the boys (and girls) that left only last year, let alone any Old Boys who still claim to be 37. It's exactly the sort of thing you would expect (and if you have any prejudices against Public Schools, they are all completely fulfilled at these events) - a few drinks in the bar before, a few drinks over dinner, followed by a few drinks in the bar. Usually I have a couple of friends staying over and we have a few more drinks at home afterwards. But age, the need to be sober to travel and an unfortunate incident last year resulting in one of the friends taking the bedding away to be cleaned meant that we stayed sober this year. Relatively.

To further my son's school career, I have allowed myself to be volunteered for organising the event next year. Unfortunately the person that volunteered me forgot to tell anyone else, so another person was volunteered too. She was on the same table as me at the dinner, and jolly fine company too. In common parlance, I think she would be known as a game girl. When it came to the usual table photo, one of our fellow diners (and a very senior Director of a Bank that has a white bow tie as its logo), felt it appropriate to grab her right boob. She thought it hilarious. And that on a day when I see two female city workers are suing their employers for £3 million for some inappropriate name calling. Five minutes later, another Old Boy came along told her that the zip on the back of her dress was 'provocative' and immediately unzipped it. All the way down. She laughed and fluttered her eyelids. She did re-zip it. Not much later I left.

Because she and I will work together for next year's dinner, I have sent her my contact details. The reply I got was "Yes would love to get together over dinner"

I am somewhat non-plussed.


  1. Hmmm, A forward thinking woman methinks. DUSTING !!!? In your dreams matey! ;-)

  2. Blimey - good luck - hope you aren't the main course (unless you want to be - in which case - I'd make the most of it if I were you!)

    Regardless of opinion of Public schools - I feel that a good night out is always worthwhile and one can only suspect that the menu at yours was considerably more enticing than Gas-Street Comp's 1987 leavers disco with kebab house stop off on the way home - personnally I could have a damn fine time at either!!!!

  3. Just don't do what an ex-colleague of mine did and ask her if she can 'make breakfast' (ie make a breakfast meeting)...the important work contact thought she was being asked to cook bacon and eggs!

  4. Your are not the simple fellow I thought you were. Old Boys do's and all that. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Wow! She's not backwards at coming forwards! I'd try and find out whether she has a penchant for heating up small furry creatures before considering what to do next...

  6. She's not exactly playing hard to get is she?

    In fact her behaviour smacks somewhat of desperation.

    Not that I mean to infer a girl needs to be desperate to find you attractive of course RTFM!

    Yes I do not care for the tedium of too much drinking. Its amusement palls once into one's 30s. We had a student wee against another student's door by drunken mistake last week. He was mortified when he sobered up and his housemate was not best pleased with him and failed to see the funny side too. The irony was that there was a WC right next to the front door.

  7. One will stay tuned to find out what happens next. Of course, she could just mean going to MacDonalds.


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