Wednesday 28 October 2009

Cypriot wildlife

In no particular order....because I'm trying to do this from my phone, and haven't a clue how this will turn out! So here is a green frog, feral homo sapiens, ex-sheep, kingfishers, green oranges (they're like that in hot countries I'm told...still orange inside though)and the board walk, just because I like it...and we saw lots of crabs on that particular beach - they're all hiding in the sand.


  1. I'm liking the green frog but will it turn into a Prince? TFx

  2. nice pictures, the wonderful light makes a difference to the quality - I also like the board walk very much. Continue to have fun! K x

  3. Mmm, I like the sound of green oranges. (Maybe you could rename the company?)

    Having fun with the prospectus, btw!

  4. And with the wind and rain here, I am thoroughly envious. Even if you do have frogs.

  5. It's hot here and we don't get ripe green oranges..they are orange!

    You and junior have the same smile =)

  6. TF - I tried to kiss it, but all I got a nasty taste in my mouth

    Kelloggsville - thank you...I did!

    Rosiero - yes, real sweet, even when he's chasing Praying Mantis

    NVG - they turned orange after a couple of days!

    Madame - it was just a frog in the throat

    BS - no it's winter down there!


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