Tuesday 27 October 2009


We've sneaked away this week...so this is being penned from Cyprus...and despite her protestations to the contrary, Grandma in Cyprus has done my washing. After all, what's a Mum for, if not to wash your smalls. Naturally, the boy and I have taken up residence as all male offspring should. Feet up on the sofa, demanding to be fed and attended to on a regular basis. Disappointingly, we've not been brought a cup of tea in bed to wake us up every morning. I don't know why. We are enjoying toast and coffee out on the terrace,just by the pool for breakfast and the temperatures are reported as 'unseasonably high.' So that means low to mid-thirties. But we are assured of thunderstorms for the rest of the week. That'll be a shame. We'll just have to go diving again.

The boy and I have been left home alone, whilst Grandma and step-Grandad have gone off on an adventure. They are going to test out the new airport - I think they will pretend to be travelers to Zurich. Why Zurich I just don't know. They will walk in, walk through customs, and walk back. I hope they don't get searched. For their efforts they will get a small gift. And the pleasure of knowing they were amongst the first into the airport.

For there to be a new airport terminal at Larnaca, they must be doing well I hear you say, tourism must be booming despite the recession I guess you're thinking. But no, the truth is that the original terminal, it turns out, is owned by a Turkish-Cypriot. And Larnaca is in the Greek half. So to avoid any issues, the old one is closing and a new one being put up just at the other end of the runway. It's what happens, I guess, when a small island has been divided for thirty odd years, and both sides seem pretty entrenched in their own self-righteousness.

It seems politicians are the same. Whichever country you're in.


  1. Just catching up on your posts while I have been away. Islington Council sounds like a right jobsworth lot. So sorry you are having so many run-ins with them. Enjoy your holiday in sunny climes so that you are refreshed to take them on when you get back.

  2. Trying out an airport? Great job, how do I get me one of those trying out the first class lounge...Have a fab rest (which you will do I'm sure consideriing someone else is washing your smalls, fingers crossed for the tea in bed).

  3. Disappointing on the tea and toast front. I think your mother is showing worrying signs of neglecting her maternal duties. I'd have words with her.

  4. Get thy feet off that sofa! Diving! WOW! TFx


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