Monday 8 June 2009

Vive la revolution

Time to re-introduce the guillotine and storm the Bastille.

We had a call from someone purporting to be Lord Tim Cavendish today.

He was demanding some information we didn't have.

Poor Clementine who answered the phone was verbally abused. Anyone called Clementine who works for a company called Mandarin should never be abused.

I took over, deciding to call him firstly Tim, then Mr Cavendish and then Mr Cavendish again.

He bellowed "Fuck off you little oick".

I know where he lives. I know where he works. He'll be one of the first lined up against the wall when the revolution comes.


  1. Can we all take turns to shoot? In a spirit of noble revolutionary causes, obviously.

  2. Abusing Clem?

    I'll be sitting there with my knitting...

  3. Evidently not a genuine aristocrat (most of whom are as nice as pie).

    Poor Clementine indeed.

  4. Wheel on the tumbrels!! It reminds me of a time when our office had to write to the Earl of Warwick and some bright spark started the letter with "Dear Earl!"


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