Wednesday 10 June 2009

Vive la revolution (2)

On the other hand, I've just come back from a speech by Lord Digby Jones. Who made more sense than anyone I've heard for a long time. On just about all the issues that get me going. He gets my vote. Except as a Lord he doesn't need it.

It may have something to do with him being Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham. A place not known for its airs and graces.

So I can cancel the boy's application to the Socialist Workers Revolutionary Party (I wonder if I should have told him that I sent it in).

As for the previous Lord, a letter to David Cameron has resulted in a call from 'Dave's' office...hopefully there'll be a result in this peasents revolution.

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  1. In my experience it is usually the nouveau riche and newly appointed Lords who are jumped up and use their rank. Those born into it are usually quite down to earth.


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