Wednesday 10 June 2009

All is quiet on the western front

The boy has been quite low profile in recent posts. And in just the same way as the newspapers never report good news, so it is here.

After some challenging moments through the spring, he's turned the corner. Every day I get a text shortly before I leave work to say what he's been doing after school, and what homework needs to be done/is being worked on.

Domestic chores are being completed without chasing....well nearly without chasing. Almost.

And generally all is well.

On the one hand, that's just fantastic. But on the other I hope the teenagerness has not been too tamed. And teenage years are the time for rebellion, and character formation. I hope he will continue to challenge and push the boundaries...he'll need to do that when he's older, so he needs to get the practice in now.

But I have to say it's a nice calm atmosphere around the house which I'll enjoy whilst I can....


  1. You can never bloody please you !

    Don't forget to ring Grandma in Cyprus today !

  2. I agree with Gwen. Be thankful he's not having house parties in your absence and inviting the whole internet.

  3. I'm sure that'll come, before too long!

  4. Does this mean that you can begin your rebellious phase? Stay out late, go to gigs and drink? How long till the KoL? I'm on tenterhooks here.

  5. Maybe this is the calm before the storm?


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