Friday 24 April 2009

Dads are rubbish

Having been posting for a round a year or so, I've had plenty of opportunity of seeing and reading loads of interesting blogs. One of the things that quickly became really obvious is that men and women are different. I know at my age (37, exactly the same as it has been for many, many years) I should have spotted that sooner, but sometimes I'm just not that observant. I am, after all, just a bloke.

Sweeping generalisations are always open to savage criticism, but hey ho, here we go. I am, after all not criticising, just making some observations. Women seem to be far more supportive than men...especially of other women, but in general as well. So when someone posts a dilema they're facing, comments made by women, are warm, gentle and supportive, where as the men use humour in a more deprecating way....I know, I do it myself. I'm so funny, I make myself laugh. But not necessarily anyone else.

There always seems to be a 'female/Mums blogging festival' going on somewhere, where as in the last year, I think 've only seen one for men/Dads...thank you Sticky Fingers. So the knowledge, bonhomie and camaraderie between women grows. Perhaps men don't need it, and that explains why we can go down the pub, share no more than a few grunts, yet have a great evening. Women are so engrossed in each other's conversations, that they have to continue them in the loo.

So it comes as a joy to find that sometimes Dads need to bond, and lo and behold there is Dad Club. A place for Dad's to share stuff and other stuff. Of course, the first thing you'll notice is that it's not as busy as Piccadilly Circus, and it lacks a feminine cushions or pink things. But its a great place just to drop in. But you don't have to say anything...just the odd grunt or swear word will do. Just like the pub really. Now if only it had a pool table.


  1. I had a look at Dad Club before, but I didn't join. Perhaps when I have more spare time...? However, it's a fact that for the female sex friendship & all that goes with it is much, much more important for them than it is for males.

    Despite 1,000,000s of years of evolution, females are still more nuturing than males while males are still more competitive and aggressive. Probably something to do with our physical makeup.

  2. Salve Nota Bene...thank you muchly, very muchly for being warm, nurturing and supportive of my quest to get fit and raise some money at the same time!

    Personally I am very glad that there is a difference between men and women. I think men are usually warm, nurturing and supportive but show it through grunts and humour.

    And whilst cushions and loos are great in their place...a good old belly laugh goes a long, long way.

    What is a forum ?
    Two-um plus two-um !



  3. Does the Dad Club have a buxom barmaid who looks after you all with gruff affection?

  4. Good idea. Men need to find their softer side!!

  5. I'm all for pushing the boundaries and not conforming to stereotypies RTFM. Though seems to me you are doing a fine job of raising The Boy, with or without fellow male support. And perhaps different genders provide different support anyway - either type of which can be called upon by either gender when required.

  6. Call me strange but I HATE being accompanied to the loo by a female friend and the whole talking in loos thing that we girlies are supposed to love. I think loos are a place of privacy and should be respected as such. In fact sometimes part of the reason for going is a few minutes peace and quiet to think!

  7. I kinda agree and kinda disagree, I've seen plenty of dad/men blogs where the guys are quite open, deep and nuturing. Of course I've also seen many where it seems like a typical "guy conversation". I saw that Dad Club a little while ago, with you on it. Nope I wasn't stalking.

    And hey, I know your real age, you gave it to me today in a roundabout way..silly boy..I still think you are hot ;)


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