Sunday 26 April 2009

A question of perspective

This was an ad from The Guardian a couple of decades ago...actually more like three decades, probably.

It's remained a favourite, and I'm a daily Guardian reader to this day.

The boy has started his own blog...and if you look closely on my sidebar you'll find it listed. I give him free reign to read my blog (lord help me) and I read his from top to bottom. Usually I'll write my thing and he'll write his. Just occasionally our paths will cross. As it has done on this occasion.

Of course it's all a question of perspective. And if you can see two sides of an argument, you probably get the full picture.


  1. Checked out your lad's blog. Fairly typical for his age, I guess. I'm glad I'm not thagt age any more!

  2. Ha! I knew it was going to be that ad!

  3. Ha ha, I'm sure he loves you really RTFM.

    Perhaps he'll argue next that he has to spell 'heinous' in order to be it!

    Actually although his command of language is generally good, I'd definitely ground him for the spelling and punctuation (unless of course the girlfriend is able to help with that... ;-))

    I was a stroppy teenager of the first order, though put this talent to good use winning the school Debating Society shield - twice!

    But hey, you've got to give him something to rebel against and encourage him to feel sorry for all those poor deprived teens who get whatever they want and have it so easy they have NOTHING to rebel against! How the hell do they ever find out who they are and form characters? Better he has a character-building father than one of indulgent neglect.

  4. I think the boy's blog is great. Really well written (apart from the spelling, but hey, you can't have everything).

    Have 'tagged' you by the way, over at mine.

  5. I've never really taken to the Guardian, but can't abide many of the broadsheets really.

    And I popped over to see the son's blog. Reminds me of my own tortured teens. So glad that I'm not there any more. I just have my fumbling forties.


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