Tuesday 21 April 2009

Who am I?

For a few short months between the rigours of school and the laxness of university I shared an office with someone who had the same name as me. Given that my name is neither Smith nor Brown, that was quite a coincidence.

This week, google launched something called 'similar images' which allows users to look for images that are visually similar to an existing result. For some reason this fascinated me, so I wanted to give it a go. Naturally I don't google my name very often (erm), but in this instance I wondered what might pop out of the digital ether. So here's a selction of people who share my identity on google:

I'm not bald, nor do I wear glases (anymore). And is that a vest?

Watch out Lewis Hamilton

Running for the bus probably

I'm always smiling

I wish I could

Award winning

It'll be the Mandarin link

I could never master the recorder let alone a saxophone

Getting down

No, I don't know either

At the back, still not me, and still wearing a vest

A tattoo? Are you kidding me

NB the DJ


  1. Unfortunately my name is shared by a world famous celebrity, so the results I get on Google's "Similar Images" are 1,000,000 pics of him :0(

  2. This is a bit too much like Dave Gorman.


  3. Wow, I feel inspired to check me out. I'm always vaguely disappointed to find that someone shares my (I think unique first) name. It's double-barreled and really ought to only be mine.

  4. What exactly do you guys class as a vest because one pic is a shirt over a t-shirt and the other is a jumper? Weirdo's :P

    He doesn't have your lips ;)

  5. I think you need to post a real pic of you, so we can judge...

  6. I have to agree with The Dotterel here, how can we possibly judge when we don't have a picture of you to compare it with.
    Loving the tattoo one!
    Also have to agree with Auntie Gwen, WAY too much time.
    And now I've agreed with 2 people (which is 2 over my limit) I'm going to lie down.

  7. Hi NB,

    I'm intrigued now as to whom you resemble! Let us know....

    Thank you for the offer of sponsorship...very kind. I HATE asking for money so I'll leave it at the following. If you do have a few coppers to spare and I appreciate that not many of us do at the moment...if you click on the "donate" button on the right hand side of my page...something should happen!

    Ta muchly - even for just the mention. :)


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