Monday 17 March 2008

Playing dangerously

One of the challenges over the last four years has been that my business requires me to network outside of working hours. It's probably no coincidence that it's been harder to make the company successful since the boy came to live with me (in non-politically correct language, that means business has been a disaster). Family friends were helpful initially, but I would always go out with a heavy conscience so did it less and less as time went on. And when we moved to a completely new area eighteen months ago, my evenings were spent relentlessly at home. When I did go out, I always used to joke that I'd left him playing in the middle of the road with sharp knives and always amused me, but often left the person I said it to with a bemused or concerned look on their face. Now that he's that much older, seems pretty mature for his age I have in recent months taken to doing the occasional early evening event, leaving the boy to come home and cook himself baked beans on toast. No problems really, until last week.....I arrived home at about 9.00 after a business debate to find the house smelling of burning. Why? "Well Dad I wanted my English homework to look old, so burnt it round the edges by holding a match to it." Mmmmm may be a rethink needed.

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  1. This post was lol funny, oh dear, I remember doing that burning thing myself, I also grilled a cake which exploded and ruined the grill forever, we all got fat because we fried our breakfasts rather than grilled them. Perhaps you want to mention this to your son? MH


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