Friday 14 March 2008

Starting out

Four years ago with the sudden death of my former wife, I took on the responsibility of bringing up our son. Overnight I went from being a man about town to being a single parent. I had always been very close to the boy...indeed the major element of a divorce that had cost in the order of £80,000 in solicitors fees had been my insistence of seeing him as much as possible as often as possible. So the starting point was a good one - a strong relationship. Whilst any sudden change in life can be challenging, this has been a brilliantly enjoyable and rewarding time...

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  1. I'm over from Nappy Valley, read your latest post and immediately went to start at the beginning, sounds like an interesting blog! I have the house to myself tonight, so armed with a nice cup of tea (oh I wish it were something stronger) I'll have a read. Nice to meet you! MH


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