Sunday 23 March 2008

Home alone

...and he's away with the school. A much anticipated (by both him and me) skiing holiday. The excitement had been building all could tell by the number of times we nearly who was most excited? He's got the chance he wants to show to all his friends what a great skier he is, and I have the chance to have my own space...something I've long been vocal about. One suspects that he'll be rather more successful than me as for the time he's away I've not managed to organise a single social event. Still having my lack of social life brought shaply into focus can only be a good thing. I think. In the long term. I think.

Long discussions had ensued as to whether he should wear his leather bikers (Triumph, of course) jacket or ski jacket for the journey. Practically I thought the ski jacket was a better bet, but credibility wise the leathers won hands down. As it turned out every one else was travelling dressed for the slopes. Embarassed? Nope not one fact it seemd to elevate him in the eyes of the girls. My school memories are always of never having the great clothes my friends had; perhaps they didn't see it that way, but it sticks in my mind even today.

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