Thursday, 30 January 2014

Film 2014

We've managed to see four films this year's that season when the best films are being shown, so we tend to be cinema heavy in January and February.  And so far it's a 100% track record for good experiences.

Ok, this is not a GREAT film, but it's fun, watchable and entertaining.  I don't normally enjoy Ben Stiller films, but here he's quite restrained and we walked out with smiles on our faces.  If only every film was as feel-good as this

Somewhat more grown up, quite heavy going, but ultimately totally rewarding because the performances are outstanding.  We had a lot to talk about once the curtains had gone down which was a good reflection of how much we had become engrossed in it

This is one film that I was over-excited about from the moment I saw the first trailer a year or so ago.  It didn't disappoint.  Leonardo DiCaprio is totally outstanding, and the supporting ensemble do their thing brilliantly.  A three hour film and I don't look at my watch was an absolute hoot that careers along, only going to prove the devil does get the best lines.

Another one that I've been madly excited about.  There may have just been just 4 people in the cinema including us when the film started, but by the end of the first song, there were another thirteen....most of them rustling their sweet packets and chomping away...irritatingly.  Ultimately that didn't detract from what is probably the best of the films we've seen so far.  Funny (hilarious) in parts, sad in others and very thoughtful and reflective throughout.  Excellent performance all round.  My advice is to get down to the cinema quick with this one.  Pay very, very close attention to the first couple of scenes.  And from the outset, ask yourself, "What does the cat represent?"  We need to see this again, so probably a blu-ray purchase in the autumn.