Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Father and son

This weekend I learnt that Rabbie Burns was a tax collector.  I'm no sure what it says about a country that worships and celebrates a tax collector.  There is an inner glee knowing this fact.

I keep getting messages from The Boy headed "Wagwan".  It's been a mystery to me, so I headed to the Urban Dictionary,

"Greeting in the Patois dialect of Jamaica, rather than a "bastardization" of "What's going on" though it is the equivalent. Originally evolved out of the dialect formed by African slaves being taught to speak english by the British in Jamaica during the peak of sugar plantations. Used in a greeting as, "Hey mon, wagwan".

So now I know.

There was a piece recently that said childless couples are happier that parents.  I wonder where this sort of nonsense comes from?  Is it from people who don't have children themselves and feel the need to justify their position?  I've seen other meaningless reports too about parents being happier than couples with no offspring. These statements are all pretty spurious, as are all sweeping generalisations.  We all find happiness in different ways.  In my case, I always said I never wanted children but then The Boy came along...and it has been the most rewarding experience I can imagine.  The news story struck a chord at the moment, because The Boy is away...and as far as I can tell, he is having the most amazing and wonderful time.  He is extremely happy. Probably the happiest he has ever been. And his happiness has infected me...there's a tingle in my bones that I don't feel often, but it feels very, very good indeed.

He was able to ski with one of his heroes this week.

The man is so famous in skiing circles, he has his own bubble car named after him

We're off to see The Boy again this weekend...I can't wait!

P.S. I discovered you can't legally send alcohol Hippo, I'm sorry I can't fulfill my promise :-(