Monday, 4 November 2013

We'll meet again

Well of course I blubbed.  Seven o'clock on Saturday morning outside Heathrow terminal one I sat in the car and watched as my 'baby' walked into the airport, skis over one shoulder pulling along a bag full of clothing.  He was making a journey that, whilst in Europe, was not the easiest.  Two aeroplanes (with a 30 minute connection between them), then a bus, then a train, then another train and finally another bus.  Daunting even for experienced travellers.  It was pointed out by a friend that he is the most capable person she knows, more than able to lead a group of people through the wilderness if he so desires...but, but, but....

He's away for ten days up a glacier getting (I hope) his Austrian ski instructing qualification. He is sharing a room with a guy from Hamburg and they're in the curious position that The Boy is only speaking German and the German is only speaking English as they each try and improve their language skills for the season ahead.  I've had a surprising number of texts and e-mails.  He seems to be loving it...if not the cost of a coffee - €5 which has come as a shock to him: now he knows why I wince everytime we go skiing!

The Cat has also departed back to Exeter after a few days home.  Later this week she will put on a play that she wrote as part of a '24 hour' drama exercise...write, rehearse and performed all within that 24 hours.  A lot of fun, and the performances this week will give more people the chance to see it.  Here's the YouTube trailer she's created