Thursday 7 November 2013


I hope that anyone wanting to comment is now finding it a little easier...I altered some of the coding so that it should be better (my word that sounds impressive, but in truth I was just following an idiot's guide telling me what to do).  I will be reassured one way or the other when I either do or do not get a very long, punchy comment from Hippo unless of course he's had various bits amputated after his snake bite incident....

I'm concerned about Rol.  He claims to have become a father, and in celebration has posted up various Top Tens about fatherhood, being born, etc. They've made great listening. But I'm not convinced.  As everyone knows, the ONLY thing a new parent can talk about is poo and napppies, and neither have featured even in passing.

The Boy has been offered (yet) another ski job.  So far he's had two instructor offers, but this one is a little different it is for Children's Club Assistant for a very, very posh ski company.  He attended a group interview and was up against some very impressive competition...people with years of experience.  He won't be taking it, but in terms of boosting his confidence and making him feel comfortable that he has something to offer the world.

I was surprised to discover that Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry potter) appears in one of my favourite films...The Tailor of Panama.  I've watched it dozens of times and never noticed him...he doesn't add much, but then he's just the son of the tailor.  If you get the chance download the film of buy the DVD

One of my other favourite films is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Steve Martin and Michael Caine.  Neither are my favourite performers, although I have enjoyed many a Michael Caine film.  One of the things that always crosses my mind when I watch it was that it was the perfect vehicle for David Niven...if only he had been alive.  For the American part I would probably have chosen Tony Curtis.  That would have been perfect.  It came as quite a surprise then that earlier this week I discovered that Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is in fact a remake...and the original did indeed star David Niven, although alongside Marlon Brando.  It may not be a classic, but I decided to buy it just to satisfy my curiosity.

We've had a quiet week in this week, despite the lack of offspring.  That may, in part have been due to one of those stupid arguments that have left us skulking around the house....

Worryingly The Cat's Mother who is well versed in the theatrical arts has decided she enjoys the pretty awful Atlantis which the BBC is showing.  It feels American (and not in a good way) and has mangled every Greek legend possible.  I can't understand what she sees in it at all...normally if I don't like something I can at least understand the appeal, but with this one I've drawn a blank..although I have a sneaking suspicion Grandma in Cyprus might like it

In the meantime, The Boy has made us all jealous by posting this picture from his 'classroom' this morning

He says he's busy.  Right.