Monday, 25 November 2013

Off your bike

I rather like this...someone has built an instrument designed by Leonardo DaVinci...I wonder what other wonders are still sitting in the notebooks of this genius just waiting to be brought to life

I generally stop riding my bike when it gets very cold...early December...and start again in late February. Not that it's warmer then, but if I don't get on, my weight swells to such an extent that that if I don't start doing some exercise, the bike won't support my weight.  But this year it's slightly different. Having been sent flying at the end of September, I've ridden just twice - once into the office, once on the 100km night cycle.  In the meantime six people have been killed in London in just a couple of weeks on the very roads I use.  I'm feeling a little unsafe.  Sadly, there's been a lot of mud-slinging and finger pointing...ignorant cyclists, dangerous drivers etc.  I'm sure there are good cyclists and good drivers and bad of both; equally we all make mistakes.  What matters most is that people whether cyclist or drivers are more considerate of others and when mistakes are made there is sufficient margin that it doesn't result in another corpse.  I read somewhere that the medics have a term they use 'Talking Dead'...these are people that are horribly injured (usually with a lorry on top of them) but adrenalin or whatever else has kicked in and they're quite conscious, alert and indeed talking until the moment a little while later when they just stop. Dead.

On a more cheerful note, we headed off to see Turin Brakes on Wednesday evening.  They were the first group that I took The Boy to.  I've seen them so many times that I've lost count.  They are the only group who I've ever managed to get an autograph of...thanks to Auntie Gwen.  They have a new album out.  Do buy's very good, and they've never really had the success they deserve.  Be warned, the video is a bit Quentin Tarrantino