Friday 29 November 2013


Mr and the ex-Mrs Saatchi have been airing their dirty laundry in public.  I can't see either of them coming out of it very well.  Mr saatchi appears to be just a nasty, nasty man, and Nigella is fallen from grace as a national institution - did she really spend ten years of her marriage being 'off her face' every day; it seems unfeasible that Mr Saatchi didn't notice it; it seems unlikely that we wouldn't have noticed something was amiss when she was cooking on telly.  Anyway, it seems a shame, but perhaps the world really is just fully of nasty rich people.

The Spanish seem to have picked an odd time to pick a fight over Gibraltar...surely sorting out their domestic problems with an unemployment rate of 25% should be more of a priority?  Or perhaps they haven't noticed whole towns of empty houses which were built to fill the speculative bubble.  Of course, it's a distraction from domestic woe, and that's what happens when you leave politicians in charge.  I'm all for giving bits of land back to the countries here they logically belong.  In this case, I'd sell Gibraltar back to the Spaniards (and make them give those couple of bits of Africa back to the countries they've been carved out of), I'd give Northern Ireland to Eire, The Falklands is another one I'd sell.  As for Scotland, I can't see that it's really a different nation...but my solution to the whole devolution thing would be to create a federal union with England, Scotland and Wales with their own Parliaments.  I'd also sort out the House of Lords whilst I was about it...Tony Blair made a right royal feck-up and no one has got the balls to sort it out...I wouldn't have an elected body, but a gathering of 'elders'...people who have risen to the top of their profession (and I'd include unions and other bodies which might be fairly said to represent the non-chattering classes).  Anyway, another piece of political nonsense from me.

I went to see Gravity the other night...I was by myself as The Cat's Mother was out with girlfriends and The Boy was being truculent.  I thought it was very good...tense and exciting from start to finish.  probably not as good as the critics would have you believe it still managed to deliver a good evening's entertainment.  I really like George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, but I suspect in the hands of more subtle actors and with a better script, it would have delivered more.  On the plus side it was free.  On the downside it was free because in the critical bit when all hell breaks loose, the projector broke down which somewhat undermined the tension.