Thursday, 6 June 2013

Trubble in't mill

Tonight is another Secret Cinema outing...The Cat's Mother is getting a bit grumpy about these things...they're quite convoluted, and booking and finding out where to go, what to wear, what to bring is quite stressful.  And she gets stressed quite easily.

One of the pleasures of Secret Cinema is working out what you're going to see...sometimes we manage, but usually not.  Today, someone in the office let the cat out the bag and told me what it is.  Grrr that is really, really irritating.  I like a surprise.  It's fortunate that I like the film very much, and it's a while since I've seen it.

I managed to upset one of the women in the office the other day...I was a bit clumsy in trying to be helpful.  She was proudly showing everyone her new leggings, and I started talking about how proper safety wear is a good idea when she's riding her Vespa scooter.  Whatever the weather, I'm never without an armoured jacket and trousers...and I was able to quote the label which says 'Helps prevent muscle stripping' and that I'd read that if you come off at 30 mph it's less than half a second before the road will remove all the flesh down to the bone.  Yes, very ungracious of me, but I do have a bit of a bee in  my bonnet about motor bike safety...