Monday 3 June 2013

It's a short life

I love shorts.

Yes, when the sun comes out, my marble white legs are exposed to all in the hope of turning them a dusky brown.  Hopefully that will happen at least once this year.

But the shorts I love most are short movies.  It must be the nature of the format that means all the creativity which normally gets spread amongst two hours of a full-length movie, gets squashed into a much tighter space to create something which is much more powerful and exciting.  Next Floor is one of my favourites

On a lighter note is this one

But my absolute favourite is this one (WARNING ADULT CONTENT)...Danse Macabre by Pedro Pires. It is very moving indeed.

Having seen it originally at Secret Cinema, I downloaded it from iTunes to watch at my leisure.  But sadly, the version that's available has been significantly edited...the 'danse' where the body is moved around has been edited out.  Odd, as this is a key part of the thing.  I don't understand.  Very disappointing.

This weekend we sat down to watch Django on BluRay.  It was a film The Cat's Mother and I enjoyed very much at the cinema...although, being Tarrantino, there were some parts where she hid behind the seats.  It was with great angst I realised, not too far in, that the watch at home, no holds barred version has been edited.  Having only seen the film once at the cinema, it's hard to say what all the edits are, but one that was particularly noticeable - because it's on the soundtrack - is where Django and Schultz ride into town, and they discuss what would happen if they sat down together in the saloon.  It was a nice little bit...not critical to the film, but certainly worth having.  So why has it gone?  Why do that?  If it was good enough for the cinema, what makes it not good enough for the sofa?  There were other bits that my fuzzy memory said were not right either.  It somewhat tainted an otherwise enjoyable evening....

P.S. I see YouTube is working much harder to 'monetise' their sorry for all the ads