Wednesday 19 June 2013

Rubbish/not rubbish

Are you old enough to remember the miseries of the three day week...power cuts just when you wanted to watch the next episode of Crossroads, rubbish piling up and up and up, and the mortuaries so full that bodies were left here there and everywhere, like some zombie movie.  Obviously I'm too young to remember that, but you might.

Down in Brighton, it's a bit like that now.  Apart from the power cuts and the mortuaries.  Although there are zombies...remarkably having been associated with the city for a quarter of a century, I hadn't known until recently that every year there is a zombie gathering - the annual Beach of the Dead walk.  Watch out for the zombie banana in the video below...about nineteen minutes 50 seconds in.

Something else that seems to be an annual problem in Brighton is rubbish collection.  I swear they have more strikes than the rest of the country put together.  The unions are claiming the council is cutting the pay of the rubbish men by 40%.  If that's true, it's rubbish...who (apart from a banker) could afford to take a 40% cut? You've got to feel sorry for the town's traders who have two successive poor summers, and now have this to drive the tourists away.  Anyway, courtesy of the BBC, here's a picture of the rubbish piling up.

Only the seagulls will be happy...they're pretty aggressive these days, and tend to peck the rubbish bags open to provide themselves with a gourmet meal.

Any way Ted has told me not to come and visit because the city is a tip.  Ted is the ever so nice photographer who took a picture of The Cat's Mother and I during the Open House during May.  We were so pleased with it that we bought two copies - one for the house in Loughton and one for the flat in Brighton.  He's been kind enough to send us a copy for the digital photo frame too.  Anyway, by way of recommendation, if you would like a splendid portrait, or indeed, any other good photography,Ted's your man.  You can find him here  And you can find our picture here: