Monday, 17 June 2013

Never too early for a gin and tonic

Following my little piece on the education system last week, I was interested to see this Facebook update from one of the teachers at The Boy's school: "Deplorable Edexcel C3 paper today. Usually a paper has one or two 'dodgy' questions, but this had loads. Allegedly 15 candidates in tears IN the exam room..."

The whole shambles was reported on the BBC here

Another year, another shambles it seems....any way I  that may be what happens when you farm these things out to private companies...

Yesterday was Father's Day, so I was delighted to have my breakfast brought to me in bed...I don't suppose that is going to happen too much in the fact this may be the last time, as he'll soon be flying the nest in one way or another.  I even got gifts..a very splendid tie, and a 'Dad' mug.  Anyway, back to the was an egg and bacon weave open toasted sandwich.  I was too busy scoffing it to take a picture...but here's one he did earlier.  That is indeed eight rashers of bacon interwoven and then grilled.  Delicious...

In the afternoon, we went off to Three known to me as the pace where we auditioned and rehearsed for the Olympic Opening Ceremony.  There were drummers and working men and women from the Ceremony performing for everyone's entertainment, but this time I was strictly a watcher having said a big hello to all my friends.  We went on a guided tour of the Mill itself which is evidently the world's largest tidal mill.  More importantly, at some stage it stopped grinding wheat for bread, and started doing it for gin instead.  What a marvellous idea.